Warm Welcome!

Hello and welcome to the website of the association (german: Verein) “Anders ? = Anders !”

On this website we post articles about being different. This includes any kind of “different”; all sexualities, identities, spectrum of autism or ADHD, but also all other personal, external and internal characteristics that make you feel different. It is our goal to normalize being different and to give those people who are different, a space in which they are not only understood, but also able to connect with kind and helpful, „different“ people.

Ist really nice that you found us!

Our site is constantly changing; you too are asked to change it. Your difference is not listed here? Tell us and help us to show more and more diversity – tell us in the comments! We hope you enjoy our posts; little by little we will also post more and more, so that there is something for each of you!
Have fun!

your “Anders? = Anders!!” – Team!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1: Why did you found this organisation? show

2: How did you come up with the idea of founding the association? show

3: What is the philosophy of your club? show

4: What does „being different“ mean to you? show

5: Who is allowed to participate? Only the LGBTQ community? show

6: What do you want to achieve with the association? show

7: Who are you actually? show

8: Why is the webcam mandatory for discussion groups? show

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