A “different” kind of flea market

Hello, my dears!
Welcome to Anders?=Anders! – Flea market!
And of course it is a flea market where everything is different!

A flea market is “usually” used for fundraising. We sell you things that have been donated and use the money to further our work. Many clubs have already done it this way and will continue to do so – as long as Corona allows it. But we do it a little differently! and turn the tables: We’ll tell you what we still need and maybe you can help us by donating something to us that you would otherwise sell yourself at a flea market. Isn’t it great? You bring things to the flea market without selling them yourself!

And what do we need?

As an online-oriented association in the country, which is currently being forced to work exclusively online due to Corona, we naturally need equipment for streaming, for online conferences and so on.
Specifically, we are currently looking for:
– Green screens
– Studio lamps / spotlights / soft boxes
– tripods
– Webcams / Cameras
– microphones
…everything you can use for “broadcasting”.

If you want to donate something, please contact spenden@anders-gleich-anders.de directly! We are happy!

We also appreciate financial support

our bank connection:

account owner: Anders gleich Anders e.V.

IBAN: DE23 8306 5408 0004 2783 99


Deutsche Skatbank (VR Altenburg)

our paypal:


Or simply become a member…

And of course you can also simply join the club. Simply fill out this form, print and sign it and send it to us by post!

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