Other forms of text

You may have noticed when visiting this website that some of the texts are a bit “different”. Some formulations take some time to getting used to, not all letters and commas are in the places where they actually belong and the structure of articles is not always worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. In short, you won’t find the polished, high-gloss content here on this website that is otherwise known from the social industry. Why is that?

Well, we are an association that was founded out of a need and wants to reach its goals to offer a space for people who feel different. We are not a company that prioritizes financial security for the next project at the beginning of a “social project”. Of course we also want to grow and perhaps at some point be able to reward professional work with subsidies; but this is not our main focus!

Rather, it is about activating young people in particular and supporting them in their creative possibilities. The texts you find here actually come from our members and volunteers. They are an expression of personal experiences, opinions and feelings. They do not come from a PR department and are therefore not subject to professional editing. Of course we try to help each other and proofread each other, but the authenticity of the texts is paramount and that means that the texts are sometimes just a bit …different.

We hope that you can enjoy our work and that you continue to enjoy our site.